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Computers have always played a large role in my life, starting with my first one: the Apple IIgs. On it I learned the basics of programming using AppleSoft BASIC, opening my eyes to the potential these machines had. Computers are now a major part of my life and career.

Modern Computers

Today, I use many different computers. My main driver is a 2017 15" MacBook Pro which I do the majority of my computer work on with a ThinkPad T430 to run any Windows-based tools that I need. I also have an Ubuntu box for anything Linux related. Variety is GOOD!

Vintage Computers

Growing up using Mac computers has instilled in me a lot of nostalgia for them. Throughout the years I've collected many as a result. I personally consider 68k and PPC Macs as "vintage" but there are certainly some Intel variants that would fall in that category as well. The following is a list of my current vintage Apple/Macintosh collection (in no particular order):

One day I would like to own the following computers:

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